On Joint Stock Companies

However, to accelerate real possession now there is a procedure where the equity before selling the old members (founders) appoints ceo new man, henchman of future participants. This is normal. New general certifies the signature of a bank card with a notary, relates them to the bank accepts print, documents and other matters, including accounting, from the previous General. Buying a ready company, if the founders included in the founding documents, is as in the llc, however, if the documents ‘firm to sell’ well-prepared, then the process is greatly simplified. The fact that the ha and Law ‘On Joint Stock Companies’ does not provide for compulsory reference shareholders in the constituent documents, except when the company is established by one founder. Thus, the change of shareholders in the company can recorded only in the inner complex of documents, called ‘The register of shareholders. ”

Therefore, buying shares of Company, the statute (Memorandum for the company is not a founding document), which shareholders do not specified, changes the charter company you are satisfied, you can not register. This means that in signing the contracts of sale and purchase of shares and making appropriate changes in the shareholder register, you become the owner of the rights ownership share of the acquired company’s shares. However, must be met three conditions: 1. Issue of shares to be duly registered with the Federal Commission on Securities Market (FCSM). Shares as generally book-entry and exist as an entry in the accounts of shareholders. This process is formal, but nonetheless, shares are not registered, are not subject to civil law and deals with them (at least committed after September 1996 – the month the adoption of fsc standards, the first issue of securities, in accordance with the law “On securities market”) are invalid.

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