Online Marketing

The advertising agency RITTWEGER and TEAM from Thuringia expanded their range to include online marketing Suhl/Erfurt, Thuringia: in corporate communication is increasingly digital presence. Higher bandwidth and faster devices lead to an increased usage of digital media. Until 2012, the trend is clear to an increased use of social media in the area of online marketing. To help companies in Thuringia, the RITTWEGER and TEAM Werbeagentur GmbH is expanding its range of online marketing and offers increased usage of social media communication strategies. The term online marketing includes all measures which serve to increase the number of visitors of a Web site or to coordinate the information spread throughout the network. While the Thuringian advertising agency uses the networking of two areas.

The first field includes measures that should increase access to a site. Such measures are the search engine marketing, Google AdWords campaign or banner advertising. The second area comprises Communication measures, which spread to beneficial information about the customer. For this the RITTWEGER and TEAM uses tools like press portals, Google maps, blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks in the Internet advertising agency. By such Internet platforms, the advertising agency knits a direct dialogue between the customer and audience.

It comes us, instead of a monologue, dialogue in the communication to allow. “, so Heiko Rittweger, Managing Director of RITTWEGER and TEAM advertising agency.” Companies benefit from this dialogue, because much closer customer ties it creates. In a time where consumers questioned more, more is required and always critical, that’s more important than ever. Especially, the potential of online marketing is that a higher credibility with him is reached via the dialog with the consumer. In addition, these precise and efficient online marketing tools are current and regular pulse generator. The interconnection of different partners creates completely new In addition, markets”, turns out Heiko Rittweger. The RITTWEGER special competence and TEAM is advertising agency, inter alia, that the complexity of online marketing inside a home is covered. For successful online marketing requires strong skills in the areas of design, consultancy, PR, media, text, search engine optimization, design and programming. For more information, see press contact: RITTWEGER and TEAM Werbeagentur GmbH, Schleusinger Strasse 33 98527 Suhl / Thuringen Mrs Katrin Sommer phone + 49 (0) 3681.8033.0 fax + 49 (0) 3681.8033.22

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