Online Marketing Consultant

In a previous article we talked about how important it is to increase confidence in the visitor to the site of your company. The article suggests several ways to do this. There were also proposals for creating their own answers to questions, expert advice, etc. In addition to what has been said it should be noted – now every company has the possibility to organize communication with our customers directly on the site and directly in real time, ie on-line. You can say that yes, we know of these opportunities – we can give the address of ICQ ('ICQ'), our manager. Any visitor can on 'ICQ' question to ask the manager and get a detailed response from him at all and any advice on Site or the company itself.

Indeed, this method is quite common. However, it requires that the client was this very 'ICQ'. And if it's not a client? There are some other inconveniences related to 'ICQ'. But, in my opinion, enough already of the first (probably because I had 'ICQ' for a long time do not use). There is another category of software products. Which is specifically designed to work with our visitors – the system online counseling. A striking example is the service 'Web-messenger'.

This service allows you to add your site to the system through which any visitor can ask a question and immediately get a response from consultant. Moreover, such consultants may be several. All works about as well as dispatching service with multi-line phones.

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