Optimizing Financial Management And Accounting in Franchising.

The Achilles heel of many franchises is in failing to adequately control their economic resources. One problem that consulting franchises are leading our country. They relying on Datis, the company for excellence in manufacturing and marketing of ERP software, for all the brands they so desire shall serve of your computer system and monetize this business. And is that franchises often, by the volume growth that reach, make them leave their accounts and rosaries. “It’s very common for the control of resources and decision-making franchises or Maximize not optimize as it should. This is because they are not used properly resourced. Now thanks to the collaboration agreement reached with Datis succeed in ending this handicap, “said Mariano Alonso, Associate Director General of the society. “The series 64 an ERP system that lets you know how long it should invest in terms of when they will need or do the calculations to see what financial asset is the most profitable so we can “.

An agreement concluded with satisfaction from Datis. “Being able to join with mundoFranquicia consulting a tool tailored for we are proud franchise,” said Isabel Ballestero, Commercial Director of Datis. “One of the main risks of ICT-based automation control only in the commercial and TPV is that it performs a control of the business based solely on sales and procurement costs of the centers, forgetting the control of many other areas that have a significant impact on the profitability of business, “he adds.

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