Organization Day

Then goals will be searched to meet according to the task of each one. Perhaps managers of deposit reward them is agreement to clean and tidy, the promptness of delivery, the reduction of defective goods, reduction of the missing stock and on stocks or whatever you deem fair and necessary. Another solution is to emotionally involve them with the members of the Organization telling them they must do, how they should do so and why they should do it. It is very important for people to understand the concept of service to internal customers, i.e. the idea that all members of an organization should serve those who serve. This concept has emerged as one of the most important principles of the concept of service management. If a security guard to understand that their role is not only to protect the belongings of your company but the ensuring the security and tranquillity of his co-workers so that they can better serve customers, it will surely pay more attention to his work than if it thinks that its function is standing beside the door 6 hours per day. You must encourage internal communication.

I see that there is a kind of taboo, it is thought that the co-workers are buddies for fun sharing experiences and activities do not work-related. It is as if talking about work-related things were bad vibes even during working hours! Every time I see more situations of employees talking 8 hours per day on any topic, from the outcome of a game to television programs and sentimental themes. When we do a meeting to evaluate a work situation is that they do not have the slightest idea of what made the other, that instructions received or which are the objectives to meet, despite working elbow to elbow all day. When internal communication fails and it is necessary to centralize to redistribute it without a doubt, we have a problem. I suggest that you go by gradually applying these concepts of business management, you will feel resistance in some people, those parasites that hide in anonymity. Well, it may also be time to discover them and remove them from your company, that the productive will motivate and mobilize to the indefinite. I hope your comments at the end of this article, I will personally answer them.

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