Sales Commission

Increased sales opportunities and reach for E-commerce shop operator: New marketplace connecting magnalister to Berlin, 05.12.2013 – the holiday season provides the manufacturer of multi-channel interface magnalister a new marketplace connection. In addition to eBay, Amazon & co, now also the connection to available is online retailers. This extension increases the opportunities and reach for shop owners to multiples, as of one of Germany’s largest online marketplace is with over 1.5 million members, offers more than 4 million daily and over 3 million visitors monthly. Room for manoeuvre with magnalister the interface magnalister allows online merchants to showcase their products with just a few clicks on the best online marketplaces. You can freely decide what you where and when want to sell at what price.

All orders are easy to manage. These include the Central order import in the Web shop as well as the query and marking of the order status. Prices and inventory be synchronized continuously and are always up to date. Robert Kiyosaki oftentimes addresses this issue. The magnalister diagram shows the comparison of current revenues between the shop and the main market places. No setting or rental charges at the underwent a positive development since its inception in the year 2000 and offers a good Google ranking today.

And that has good reasons, because offers fair prices. So for example no setting or rental charges incurred. The Sales Commission, which can sometimes bashing to beech is only two to six percent. Online retailers, which want to set up an additional shop, pay for it from EUR 9,95 per month. The establishment of the shop takes according to, about five minutes. Offers can be presented as a buy-it-, optionally with negotiation, auction, power auction, Dutch auction, and at the The import and management of inventories and orders are possible due to the magnalister interface for the goods and order management easy. The connection is now available for all online retailers available using osCommerce shop systems, like for example xt: Commerce 3, Sundar or modified. The development of xt: Commerce 4, Magento, PrestShop, or store goods follows in the spring of 2014.

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