SERP Result

Since its introduction, World Wide Web is booming, the number of sites is growing extremely rapidly. In connection with this growing demand and promotion of sites on the Internet. As we know the demand creates supply. However, this proposal does not always correspond to the interests of end users. At the moment there is a situation that more and more people become victims of poor promotion (hereinafter referred to SEO, from the English Search engine optimization, which means "search engine optimization").

Typically, this is reflected in the fact that customers are investing in optimization and search engine optimization sites a lot of money. And that money does not bring results, or the result is not commensurate with costs. Why is this happening? Basically, the reason for such situations is the incompetence and unprofessionalism of the optimizer. If in future you plan to use the services of the firm's promotion or individuals, you should follow the rules described below. Before turning to SEO-company or individual specialists, it is recommended to do the following: 1. Check how known company in which you want to go.

What she has experience in this market. Check the quantity and quality of its customers. 2. Carefully study the company portfolio. Know what results it has achieved. If there is a the possibility of contact with several clients of the company and ask whether they are satisfied the results to promote their sites. 3. Pay attention to their methods of promotion. How will they optimize your site for appropriate keywords? Do they use the so-called "black practices" of promotion, nor will they be working to eliminate a site from the index of search engines? 4. Consider proposals from several SEO-companies. Compare them. Find out how much they know, what methods used. Naturally no cost to bypass the issue of price, but cheaper does not always mean better. As well as expensive. Try to choose an individual proposal that most closely matches your budget. 5. Contract and the contract again. All of your relationship is fixed in writing, carefully read all the documents. Make sure that the agreement reflected all that you discussed, including methods of achieving the desired result. The contract must be made in duplicate and signed by both parties. If you are planning a big budget, it might make sense to consult with lawyer. 6. Clearly define the structure and form of payment. Some SEO-companies need to pay much at once, some of achieving a particular result in the SERP. One of the most common schemes, it is 50% prepayment, the remaining 50% is paid when the result. In any case, you must be sure that all the conditions of payment are clearly defined in your contract. Only in this case will take into account the interests of all stakeholders parties, regardless of the outcome of promotion. The final moral is – self-improving in SEO. Develop basic skills progress, learn the terminology and SEO-optimization techniques sites. Even if you do not responsible for promoting the professional, this knowledge will help you to more accurately assess the nature and effectiveness of the SEO-specialists to whom you pay money, as well as develop strategies to promote and plan budget.

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