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Painting In Russia In Xiv-Xvi Century

The era of national recovery time Kulikov victories, including the years of preparation to resist the eternal enemy (the 60s and 70s in the XIV.), And the time after the deed rusichej in fierce fight with Mama, gave rise to a period of great expansion culture. It is most vividly put it in the painting […]

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The Open

But, it has who goes to say that: The life is thus. It seems that the human being, if not yet lost, is losing the hope and the intention of living. The world seems to be in state of widowhood with the proper one to be. It is not had plus one futurstica vision, what […]

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Twentieth Century Aviation

The development of aviation began at about age 18-19, it was from that moment begins to exist at all because such a thing as a flying machine. This concept is formulated by George Cayley. But a serious increase in aviation truly began only in 1903. If you remember, during this year the Wright brothers took […]

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General Direction

Rio De Janeiro, as capital of Brazil since Century XVIII, possua the prerogative of being exemplary in the practical ones that the Republic if adjusted, having as austere executor Rodrigues Alves, then president (1902-1906), counting on the support of mayor Pereira Steps, nominating as authority that the power of the knowledge withholds technician, the Oswaldo […]

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History Athens

Dorian Invasion of the tribes in the 12th century BC ended the era of the Minoan civilization in southern Greece. In 1066, BC Doric tribes entered the territory of Attica. According to legend, the inhabitants of Athens, led by their king Codru fought bravely against the invasion Dorian tribes, and were able to defend its […]

Brazilian Rivera

The province received the name official from Eastern Republic of Uruguay, after promulgated the constitution, in 1830, having been elect president Don Fructuoso Rivera, rival of don Juan Antonio Lavalleja, of where the political parties had appeared Blanco, of Lavalleja, and Colorado, of Rivera, whose rivalry would respingaria later in the War of Tatters, in […]

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