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The Development

Therefore the domain of the man is basic on the nature, from the knowledge of the natural phenomena. To know such phenomena Bacon it follows the trend to the experimental method, very well described for Souza (2008): is about explicitar the safe from method interpretation of the nature, that is what it calls true induction? […]

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Middle Ages

Mag also finds the quality and vibration corresponding vibration element and then spends her energy through itself (air, fire) or draws, it is in vibrational resonance (water, earth). Again, a classic example – "Avatar". These days, watching this type of magic can be mainly on the subtle planes, as an element of combat. The essential […]

Urban Legion

However, we can notice the existence of ' ' gritos' ' of alert for the population each sunk time more in this programmed ocean. Evidently, it is the case of musics that try to present to the listener the reality, we take as the songs former: ' ' Generation cocaine-cola' ' (Urban Legion) that it […]


The economic crises, the warlike conflicts, the conflict between the bourgeoisie and proletariat, the exclusion of the land of the peasants, the sprouting of urban and ambient problems had to the population growth, the technological innovations, among others events, had directly reflected in the lives and the workmanships of both the authors. Durkheim defended in […]