The Russian Forest

But changes in the Russian forest legislation that have occurred since January 1, 2007 (Our newspaper has already wrote about it), suggest that the forest will come true masters. It should be borne in mind that as long as their function will be to carry out long-term tenants. Loggers for Computers External Finnish plot does not particularly different from Russia. The same forest (well, except that a well-kept – and we have such common). Road again closer: no need to haul wood away, it means that the forwarder will make for one and the same time, more flights – above productivity. But this is due to infrastructure – roads were laid for decades if not centuries.

The Finns have received dividends from the investments of previous generations. Well, this is a reason and we invest in infrastructure for the future. Operator of the harvester earns about 3 thousand euros per month. It is true that income tax is 40% in Finland. Have to work 10 hours a day (except weekends). But in a comfortable environment: cab sealed and air conditioned – not afraid of cold winter and mosquitoes in summer. Comfortable chair, in shock absorbers, good music can be included – and work more enjoyable.

Management – two small joysticks. As if to computer game play. However, the "play" was not so easy. The author of these lines could sit in the forest school in Kuulo for such manipulators. Of course, this is not the forwarder or harvester, and the simulator.

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