Ukrainian Labor Market Trends

Analyzing the labor market of the past in 2010, I can identify a few positive trends, which, in my opinion, will be carried over to 2011. The first – ending the massive staff cuts. In 2009, companies were a state of shock and trying at all costs to survive the crisis, which, in the first place hit by a hired staff – there have been significant reductions, reduced wages, transfer to part-time, etc.), then in 2010 company tried to keep the existing human resources and even a tendency to a slight increase in the state or its partial update. The second positive trend – during the year, especially observed in the second and third decade, the company resumed full-day and week. A third positive – the company's own experience could see the value of human resources, most companies have found it possible investments in training, of course is far from the level of 2006-2008, but the trend is for positive changes. Also, the cut in 2009, almost 90% of companies and personnel departments of marketing, started last fall by softly- restore and search specialists. Concerning the level of wages, we can not talk about trends in general, but rather is differentiated by industry.

More comfortable feel (compared to the other) – information technology and pharmaceuticals. Salaries in these areas were paid on time, some companies during the year held a slight increase in the range of 10-15%, or companies paid bonuses. Many companies renewed celebration of corporate events at the end of the year and put into the budget of the celebration of the company in 2011. Search for specialists in early 2011, says that some companies have already thought out strategy for this year and begin actively implement it into practice. Whom are actively seeking in January 2011? Leaders of newly formed business trends, sales managers, project managers, programmers, agronomists, medical representatives. In 2011, already Traditionally in Western Ukraine for the past 'crisis' years will feel better IT sector, tourism, agribusiness and farmabiznes.

Positive developments have, and hopefully will continue. Of course, the market Labour is far from being in the best condition. There are companies that have not recovered from the crisis and during the past years have seen their subsequent decline, some people who lose their jobs can not find it today, or work in lower positions / other qualifications for lower wages. Unfortunately, the crisis is not without, but business goes on, companies are finding new ways of development open up alternative business direction.

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