Academy Chelomeya

Among all the good, the product is sold, salaries are high, regularly paid bonuses, and corporate events are held. But there is an interesting principle Academy Chelomeya: ‘For the system to be sustainable – it is often necessary to shake. ” Complacency creates the worst performance when the job is automatically not in full force, there is negligence, arrogance. Laziness in the company generates reluctance to study further, to conduct trainings of interest, lack of interest in new technologies. 5. Fear – it comes after the company After a major success begins at least some damage. It is because the inherent cyclical nature of life and light gives way to dark. A company pochivshaya on his laurels, not ready for such a strike, moreover, it begin angry, how come they are so successful, and suddenly all that bad.

At the same time start looking for causes in outside: the machinations of rivals, a complex political situation, the financial crisis, etc. Instead, in the first place, to find the causes failures occurred within the company. As a result, the failure after a brilliant success creates fear and diffidence. This, in turn, may create despondency in the ranks of employees, dismissal of a better life, uncertainty in the market. What should I do? Most importantly – do not rest on our laurels and continually move forward. After all, the movement may also be different: it can be active, but can be quiet when The company has time and money to train their employees to improve internal processes and structures.

After reaching a company a great success psychology important guide to it paid much attention to the people who work for the company. Before the most powerful members have set new, more complex tasks, so they do not lose interest in the work, and they, in turn, will assign tasks to weaker members. People like the comfort and quiet, well-established life. Yes, I agree, this life is pleasant, but there is no movement, and after a while even that starts to weigh on life. Overcome the conservatism hard workers, but it is only right way. Yet it is vital that leaders of the company amounted to new strategies of movement and clear them imagined that they could then bring them to their employees. People are afraid of the unknown, and if someone can confidently and competently explain where the same need to move now, it could be a useful factor. Leaders – leaders of this company, followed by the other employees, and thus leaders is important to continue to be able to lead, not only during periods of recovery, but also in times of crisis and in times of peace.

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