Axis Communications

Protection against unauthorized access supported IP-address filtering and password at the user level. Additional protection model 211 can be arranged to connect the controller WatchDog, which initiates an automatic reboot of the operating system in case of camera failure. Built-in varifocal lens with Tamron DC-control alters the focal length range from 3 to 8 mm. Lens camera AXIS 211 are made of low-dispersion glass, which guarantees a high focusing accuracy and low probability of occurrence optical distortion, and a broadband antireflection coating provides good color balance of images. This camera can generate an event on a signal from a sensor or motion detector and scheduler. In the case of Schedule recording setup AXIS 211 synchronizes its internal clock with the clock of your PC or NTP-server. If the AXIS set to record on alarm, then the pre-and posttrevozhnye sequence of frames (up to 20) with 320 x 240 pixels and a rate of 4 to / from the model 211 stores in a circular video buffer. Notification of the alarm and warning shots, it can be send by e-mail, FTP, TCP, HTTP.

The AXIS allows you to customize the image overlay images on the individual frame parts, as well as the imposition of titles on a transparent or opaque background. CCTV operator can choose the camera model 211 is one of three video resolution, as well as one of four compression ratios. In addition, AXIS 211 allows you to change the color quality output images to a monitor and if necessary, choose black and white mode. The new ip camera AXIS 211 is now available in the Russian market of equipment. Included with the network camera will be supplied external power supply, mounting bracket and a software CD and user manual. For more information on model 211 and other network camera AXIS may be requested in ARMO-Systems the official Russian distributor of equipment for surveillance of Axis Communications. The Swedish company Axis Communications is the global leader in the design and manufacture of devices for digital video surveillance systems. It produces ip-cameras, DVRs, video servers, as well as web-cameras and other network equipment for video surveillance systems. AXIS has offices in 14 countries and staff of over 400 people. Over the years, it was found More than 500 000 network devices AXIS at various facilities in 70 countries.

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