But Sohar

The importance of the city increased further with the advent of Islam. The trade of the town went to Africa. The glorious time of the trade was completed by the Buyid in 965 A.d. with the destruction of the city. The master of Persia, who had his home in Basra, wanted a unwelcome rival in commercial affairs eliminate. Unfortunately the also succeeded, because after the reconstruction Sohar could unfortunately never reconnect to its glorious significance in sea trade. In the year 1507 ad, the Portuguese took the city. The Portuguese were distributed only in the 17th century.

But Sohar is known not only for trade relations. It should be also the birthplace of Sindbad the sailor. Tourists will find a well preserved Fort in Sohar, which you can visit. 2nd stage: Sohar after Saham distance: 30 km / driving time: 20 minutes the city Saham is slowly discovered by tourism. Some few hotels have opened in the area.

The city Saham holds a lot of typical Arab lives. Enjoy a traditional, freshly baked pita bread or shopping at one of the small fruit vegetable stalls. Historically interested come in Saham due to castles and an interesting little old town also at their own expense. The stage between Saham and Muscat brings over some castles and smaller towns. 3rd stage: Saham after Muscat distance: 200 km / driving time 2 hours the roots of the city Muscat on settlements go back, have been dated to the second millennium BC. The prosperity of the town moved in when the trade was introduced with copper and pearls from the Persian Gulf. This heyday ended with the invasion of the Persians in 500 BC. Lasted for more than a thousand years the rule of the Persians. As with the introduction of Islam the power Konstelationskarten in the 7 J.h. mixed newly, the Persians were expelled.

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