Cafe Album

In the midst of the crisis team "cafe" released a second official album, consisting of 13 different-sized tracks. It's safe to say that the "Cafe" after the second album will make a huge step forward and make marked a breakthrough among the Russian groups, rejecting the stigma of a song "Comrade Sergeant." In some scandalous group Cafe disappeared from the scene in 2004, changing the set of soloists, in the light went out, even two pirate album "Music of the roofs" and "12" albums came out, without the permission of the musicians and someone very good to make money. Officially, in 2008, the group raised Andrew Brizhenyuk one of the founders. The group released a demo album "Freedom!" Trying to remind myself. At the end of 2009 the band released the album "Look fun," where fans of the group re-heard songs by Dmitry Batsieva "My Girl," "Beavers love," but the album with new songs and remember Andrew Shurikova "I Do it?" Dmitriy Ivanov and "Airplane" "There's nothing to catch." In May 2010, fans of "cafe" will be able to hear songs from the long-awaited new album.

"The new alloy" under this title will be released album, the album will head anti Crisis song "Look cheerful." Next album will be released in 2011, the album is already recorded and just waiting for its time. The working title of a philosophical album "Blue Grass", the foundation is taken from the last song from the album "The new alloy." The songs included on the album. 1 Sister Beauty 3:17 2 Summer Rains 3:09 4 3:06 3 American She lied 2:57 5 2:50 6 Outside Resident broken hearts 4:29 7 3:13 8 Postman door behind which the silent 2:42 9 My Way 3:55 10 Look fun 3:11 11 Sister Beauty Bonus mix 03:16 12 Through the Night 3:40 13 4:02 Snow Recorded participated. Andrew Brizhenyuk-Drums, Bass, Dmitri Ivanov, Andrey Bulgakov vocals guitar Andrew Shurik vocal bass Konstantin Trishin key vocals Nikolai Nikitin, Maxim Zaitsev keys vocals

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