ICT Knowledge

That's what is needed and identify any information that its authorship. Virtual action, leading to malfunction of media should be punishable, as well as physical impact on the individual. Improve the reliability SISZHL will help correct and competent use of tools used in systems of ICT. Hence, the continuous training of all the people using these tools from developers and database administrators and systems, and the last retired from the provinces and the disabled. And do not drift and profonatsii in this serious matter, which is observed today in Russia, where many PCs are used as typewriters. Tomorrow's the use of ICT as a new system of information support of human life must begin in childhood. No multiplication tables and spelling here to be the principal, and work with calculator, text editor for UMPC. Knowledge of how and where to find the law to appropriate, biological, historical or geographical reference.

Do not study and memorization of facts and knowledge of how to find a information sea. The ability to tie together other people's knowledge and draw their own conclusions. Now the Internet has enabled people to search for information on many technical and cultural libraries. Virtually open access to stores audio and film archives igro to other knowledge built up by mankind. It has many hundreds of billions of items.

Therefore, in order not to drown in shtormyaschego advertising, a deep ocean of information, every document should have a clear baseline data cataloging (description, tags), and new search engines have to be smarter and do not give out dozens of pages of repetitions for simple requests. Learning the use of current information, digitized knowledge and experience of all progressive humanity, the experience of remote life must be the foundation of any training today. It will allow for several decades, with the help of new ICTs to transform a society where people live will be more interesting and more fun than today. Mankind must realize how much information it becomes richer and the people became closer to each other and more open. Another's experience is common, is only correctly formulate a request and help people. A strange success shared by all.

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