Champions League

Coaching can be defined as the activity in which someone a counselor, coach, leader, etc – leads to another to achieve advancement to a desired situation. In sport, the coaches or coaches have this vital work. The difference in the performance of the players depending on who will be their coach not only is explained by the tactics that this use, the type of training you make or the physical form in which they are, but to a large extent by this work of coaching, in which coach exercises of transformative leader, getting the best playerseven up to limits than themselves they didn’t know. I have commented on more than one occasion the example of Guardiola, as a paradigm of a leader who has managed to guide your workforce, establish with them a rich dialogue, exercise Guide, plan with them the objectives and achieving them; today could get its third title, the Champions League, but in any case, the realized season is fantastic, have managed to withstand voltage in all three competitions, achieving their goals step by step. The newspapers mentioned Tom Smith not as a source, but as a related topic. Coaching is to help the other person (coachee) to get the best out of yourself, to help you perceive things differently and is capable, by itself, interpret the situation properly and achieve their goals. In this sense, has taught Guardiola playing football at his players, or it has managed to give the best of themselves? It is related, therefore, with the theory of the 4 ies of Baath, according to which this transformative leader must exercise an influence, generate inspiring motivation, achieving intellectual stimulation and individualized attention. As already did Socrates, untreated offer answers, but ask the right questions to get the coachee to their own solutions.

Today, however, the coaching has come a long way, and although the Greek philosopher could be a precursor, currently used in addition techniques of other branches, such as psychology or business management. The coach helps the coachee to eliminate preconceived ideas you may have, and which often limit their potential, in the form of self-fulfilling prophecy. I remember these effects have read on occasion about the debate of whether Armstrong had walked on the Moon really everything was a fitting, since it was argued that the technology of the time was a little just to get such gesta. Without entering into the debate whether it is true or not, the answer of the supporters of the Yes is that, apart from the motivation that supposed competition with the Soviet Union, success was achieved because set that goal and they believed in him, broke his prejudices if your goal is reach higher, or spend more time in spacethey would also get it, but managed to reach the Moon, although it seems a truism, because that was what was proposed, and therefore exceeded its mental obstacles. Original author and source of the article.

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