Should An Entrepreneur Have A College Degree?

Many young entrepreneurs are wondering: is it necessary to study for 5 or 6 years to become a successful entrepreneur? It is a controversial question that does not have a clear yes or no as an answer. Then you will know the advantages and disadvantages of a University study for an entrepreneur. Four arguments against a University study to a young entrepreneur: eventually came to the conclusion that you could not find the true knowledge in academic life, only hierarchies of knowledge that ultimately guided towards more hierarchies and not more knowledge. I began to see learning in the University as something limited, human and relative. Sharon Daniels, author of The World of Truth.

1 University studies are costly in the case of Chile, the average cost of a college degree is $3. 140 a year. A figure which – according to the OECD – placed Chile in second category among Nations with highest level of tariffs. Occupies the first, without a doubt, only United States, with little more than $5 billion a year. Another factor to consider is the degree of indebtedness of the students. 2/3 of all students in the U.S.

graduate with debt. The average amount of debt is US$ 23. 200. In Chile, the nonperforming loans of alumni that should part or your college credit total reaches 40 percent, on average. 2 Time most students take approximately 6 years to finish their careers. It is long standby time if you want to start a business. 3 Curriculum as independent student can design their own curriculum and deepen the areas of your interest. However, in universities it is obliged to take many bouquets that will not need for the rest of his life. 4. The objective of the race although there are houses of study that are oriented to enterprising education itself, much establishments are intended to prepare his pupils for the market laboralgerentes of companies and not independent as entrepreneurs.

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