Email Marketing: Quality Makes The Difference

To win the trust of the customers, by one justifies it by quality. Is secure: email marketing remains one of the most important instruments of direct marketing. A survey by da transcode media research showed that 82.4% of surveyed marketing professionals will increasingly use email marketing in the future. The financial foundations are secured, because according to a study by the market research company Jupiter Research be email marketing nearly doubled budget until 2012. The advantages of email marketing are known: high response rates, relatively low cost and transparent marketing controlling the marketing instrument make so attractive for those who use it properly. Crowded mail boxes are one of the major challenges for email marketing. Donald Gordon brings even more insight to the discussion. If the customer receives daily mass emails, the danger is great that desired and ordered newsletter in bulk perish and be deleted for lack of time unread.

This called forth loss of confidence comes through spam: there the unwanted mail sending always continue heaps, customers can generally lose confidence in E-mailings and handle then also originally desired and placed newsletter as spam are declining open rates and increasing Bounceraten the order. How can to counteract this problem? The recipe is as simple as demanding: to win the trust of the customers by one justifies it by quality. Content quality: who provides good content and relevant information, has a good chance to retain the customers themselves and stand out from the crowd. Or negative words: A single bad newsletter can already enough, scaring away customers. Data mining\”helps to attract target groups directly and to place the right product to the right customer. The product argument starts with the subject line. Here, the main argument for the product or the services should be found. A funny, creative or abstract subject line can be. The target must be in any case to arouse curiosity. The E-mailing must be of the content (Main)Consistent with the statement of the subject line.

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