Lawyer Happiness

The fate of no escape … So as you destined to … … This is the fate – not only do we often hear expressions such as comfort in critical situations in life. We do think so.

Accurate to say – we are sure about one hundred percent. On the one hand, as if the man and the "master of his fate," and the other … This is a charming, intelligent woman, but he can not arrange his personal life. How many are not familiar with someone just does not occur, and come across solid or weak-willed neudachnki sissy. But the enterprising man – workaholic, a lot of interesting ideas, but does not get out of debt, business partners fail, promising the deal at the last time break down …

Another common example of life – a husband lover to go "left", but his wife is beautiful and at the same time, and clever, and an excellent housekeeper. What, one wonders, man is not enough, why the "fat furious," why he modifies his wife, harassing her with endless suspicion and jealousy cruel? – Is unclear. And the question arises: Why is that?! Only one answer: the fate of this. And from her … Could it be true – do not leave? Psychoanalyst, gene psychologist, President of the International Academy of Genetic Psychology, Dmitry Kalinski, adamant: the fate of trouble you can go. It is possible, necessary and quite feasible. And his confidence is not from scratch, and on many years practical work and thousands of bug, or, as he never tires of emphasizing "corrected" the lives of people who applied and turned to him for help. -Dmitri, you have repeatedly been compared with human biological computer, who lives in obedience laid down in it with the birth of "programs".

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