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More recently in the periodicals began to appear frequently publishing on the topic of medical treatment abroad, a large number of ads can be seen in the boundless expanse of the World Wide Web. Monitored Content on where best to undergo treatment abroad, I decided to stay in the country, which is one of the best in health services – Germany. Germany – a fascinating country, which with her characteristic highly qualified personnel brought medicine in Germany to a leading position in health care in the world. A hospital emergency room in Berlin-Marzahn and Hamburg Boberg recognized as the best in Europe. Over a relatively short time in this the country have created a tiered system of medical facilities, which include hospitals (specialized and general use), medical cents and research laboratories. In Germany There are over 2000 medical institutions, which employ some 300 000 highly qualified specialists. Medical diagnostics, and operations of any complexity, inpatient and outpatient treatment, activities for the rehabilitation of patients – this is not a complete list of services that are now offering clinics in Germany. All of these services has recently become available to nationals of CIS countries.

What should I do to these benefits civilization became available to you? Mechanism is quite simple and worked. First: you need a visa to enter Germany for treatment. Second, before you become a question of choosing a clinic for treatment. To address this issue, you will be sufficient to refer to the website of Bavaria Med Service GmbH, which shows the leading clinics in Germany with a description of their industry specialization. If you have the choice of hospital have any questions, please contact Hospital representatives and explain to all the nuances of treatment. German doctors pay much attention to diagnosis, making it possible to begin treatment at an early stage. It largely determines the success of the treatment.

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