Russian Automotive Market

These statistics are listed in the review of the Russian automotive market, prepared by the analytic agency "Autostat." Experts say that most strongly affected by the crisis in the auto market in the Urals -41.6% -38.8% in the Volga region, in southern Russia -41.1%. In the current situation of the forthcoming shipment of cars by rail is becoming increasingly important. However, the rolling stock rail carriers is not ready for such a large increase. Thus, the head of the Finnish shipping company BR Kargos Mario Petkonena, only 7% of cars coming from Finland to Russia are transported by rail road. This is primarily due to the lack of specialized grid of cars. Traffic volumes of cars wagons nets decreased significantly in the early 90s.

Of Finland through customs transitions cars driven transporters. Transportation car Moscow to take four days. Limited portion of the right-hand drive vehicles of all types of ships delivered to the Far East ports, from which transporters, rail or under its own power cars are transported up to the Urals. So, today, the only reliable method of transportation vehicles is avtovoz.V 2008 2632 car-transporter RailTransAuto transported 300 thousand cars – in addition to the AvtoVAZ company working with plants and Avtotor UzDaewoo, Mazda and Toyota companies and carries out transportation of used cars from the Far East. Now import RHD vehicles from Japan to a halt and a new contract will help the company RailTransAuto Download rolling stock. In addition, in February plans to guide Railways generally zero tariffs for delivery of cars to the Far East, as suggested at the meeting in Naberezhnye Chelny, Vladimir Putin – in this case transportation vehicles will be paid from the budget. A AvtoVAZ, according to president Boris Aleshin, the new contract with the Railways and RailTransAuto help save on shipping cars about $ 500 million plant Money needed: now in storage and dealership parking accumulated about 80 000 unsold cars. Due to overproduction and crisis in February factory in Togliatti will work four days a week instead of five, and the duration of shifts was reduced by two hours.

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