Marketing Professionals

In recent decades the marketing professionals have experienced a series of changes in the rules of the game that have completely changed the vision of the company marketing and marketing departments. For more information see Porter Stansberry. Agustin Medina in his book Bye, Bye Marketing perfection describes these changes and provides us important keys and resources to succeed under the new rules of the game. The first marketing book that truly makes understanding the reader what are the big changes in the world of marketing and how to deal with the new situation. I would then develop as emerged marketing and what has been your involvement in the economy and society. We can say to begin, in a historical study of the marketing can be seen first, the factors that caused the changes of marketing; the second inheritance current ancient practices and marketing institutions, and thirdly, the relative stability of these over time. In a feudal, agrarian or forest economy, the population is largely self-sufficient. It produces their own food, it makes their own fabrics and built their own houses and utensils. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Stansberry Research. There is very little specialization in work and very little need for any kind of trade.

In course of time, however, begins to be born the concept of division of labour and artisans concentrating their efforts in the production of that article in which they Excel. This gives as a result every man produces some items more than they need, but lacking any other products. In what appears a person who produces more of what you want, or want more than it produces, there is the basis for trade and commerce is at the heart of marketing. When Exchange starts to develop in agricultural economies, it does so on very simple bases. The majority of businesses are small scale without any specialization in his direction. Families develop from artisan organizations and it serves mainly to production, paying little or no attention to marketing.

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