When he was still a child, and asked my parents to buy me something or somewhere, I carried one of these days I frequently answered, am aware that was economic deficiency, se me quedo very taxed that phrase and relate the habit of storing things at times we have a nice shirt, pants, a pen or a lotion that is preferred and have it saved, for special occasions; We my wife had dishes of many parts not remember how much but when we moved house wet boxes where it was packaged and broke almost all the parts, never use, to my gave me a Swiss army knife always brought it in the car, one day take it to the service and that disappeared was his new boxed unused; My wife’s uncle died and left new costumes still with their labels, new fine shoes, several centenarians, anyone would think they lived in misery only had quite old and essential household items. Reflection that brings me such events is when It will be that special occasion, we will live, we will be able to enjoy and use those articles?, now I try to use my lotions I had frequently saved, although sometimes already smell to ancient perfumes, a new cut also old shirt, oddly enough also past fashion underwear, once I heard that said a man of much wisdom, yes you leave good things the day you share forever your proud wife will share them with your the person that you replace will be a good match with everything it has to offer. In every moment can enjoy everything in life does or would like to be the richest, elegant scented Pantheon?.

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