Permanent Residence in Czech

One of the easiest ways to get permanent residency Czech If you are interested in is getting inside the visa to the Czech Republic, you will be much more convenient to turn to a consulting agency and to order it for yourself invitation. Invitations come in two types: Guest, from individuals. Business, from legal entities. The difference between these two documents is small, and it is only in that the first citizen of the Czech Republic goes, and second company, registered in the country. The minimum term of the visa to the Czech Republic, you can thus get hold of – 3 months.

For these purposes, the most frequently used of Czech citizens who do not mind so here way to make money. In order to obtain long-term multivisa need an invitation to a legal person, as all citizens are granted a residence permit are checked for kinship in more detail. Police Affairs Foreigners can not believe in your friendship with a Czech citizen or seriousness of your desire to marry a citizen of the Czechs, you have just the photo and see. The most common reason for obtaining a residence permit of the Czech – this work in the Czech Republic. Are you looking for a job, find her, the Czech company will send you an invitation and after that you can now go to the Czech Republic.

The scheme is simple, but it has several weak links. Firstly it is not so easy to find a job in the Czech Republic, for the Czechs by the need somewhere to work. Second is rarely what the company will communicate with the authorities and to invite into the country quite a stranger, and, thirdly, after receiving long-term work visa to work in the Czech Republic. Many difficulties, but some agencies offer to settle them. Should we believe this offers everyone decides for himself, but sometimes you can get through the invitation Czech Visa in a few days. Sometimes the Czech companies have representative offices in Russia offer such a service. What would you have sent an invitation are required to provide copies of the following documents: passport scan. It will take only a reversal, where a picture. It will take just scan your Russian passport, those pages where there is registration. Because workers differ Justice handwriting-like scribbles better replicate your address and zip code. All data can be sent by email. That's all. Back to the invitation sent to the Embassy and to you personally. It can be obtained in several ways.

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