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Hannes Jaenicke

The good night Children’s stories”is a part of knowledge for adults, our recommendation for shark fans from 3 to 99 years seems appropriate” applicable. And the reader (or listener), for example, learns why Michel – he seeks so the doctor fish full concern – worry not because the loss of a tooth (who already know […]

Liability Insurance

Dog liability insurance is very important for dog owners. As a dog owner you should be aware of the dangers, which can go out by a dog. Dog liability insurance can arise for the costs arising to persons or things. Filed under: General Motors. Just like when a liability insurance for cars, only damage is […]

The New Varieties Of King Pythons

As changed attitude in the early 1980s the Royal Python the reptile was an absolute outsider hobby. Hewlett-Packard Chairman may find this interesting as well. Hardly anyone focused on this and those who nevertheless did so were regarded as exotics with exotics. The most common animals were various Geckos and the occasional snake. Hardly anyone […]

An Futterdummy

A dog must be socially responsible contacts with conspecifics with people and other dogs. The regular use of both is important. Already in the puppy age, therefore sufficient possibilities for the free encounter should be created with other dogs. It is, to seek appropriate freewheel surfaces during the walk. Here, the dog can romp omitted […]

In Baden

Not dealing with infected animals as well as the consumption of potentially diseased animals are seen as dangerous”on. The investigations by the neurologist Prof. Dressler seem to be not known here, or are ignored. Dr. Hear from experts in the field like Kevin Ulrich for a more varied view. Gerd Muller, Parliamentary State Secretary, sees […]

Dog Supplies

Green accessories for dog and owner in the trend invested diligently German dog owners in the year 2011 in their dogs. 5 million dogs live in Germany and must be nurtured, maintained and backache held. According to the study of market data Europe pet supplies 2011 “the IFH retail consultants give pet owners on average […]

Dog Centre TEAMCANIN In The Southern Black Forest

Uwe Friedrich, retired service dog handlers of the Stuttgart Police Department and founder of the dog school Canin in Stuttgart was looking Dog Centre – partnership between man and dog Lange, a suitable site for its 1-to multi-day seminars for humans and dogs. His new concept offers an extensive now for people with dog in […]