Dog Supplies

Green accessories for dog and owner in the trend invested diligently German dog owners in the year 2011 in their dogs. 5 million dogs live in Germany and must be nurtured, maintained and backache held. According to the study of market data Europe pet supplies 2011 “the IFH retail consultants give pet owners on average from 50 euro for food, toys and other pet supplies. Puppy & Prince, provider of high quality dog supplies, shows trends and new products. Many customers want to buy mass-produced, but high-quality dog supplies, natural and handmade products and design-oriented accessories.

“, as Sabine Reng puppy & Prince. Non-toxic toys for dogs is a very important trend. In recent years, many toys have been developed that make sustainable and natural play for our dogs. Are sustainability and awareness of the health of the dog, has been in the spotlight for many consumers. Consumers understand under the Green dog toys that made this natural and renewable raw materials or ecological in production or in use.

Properties such as durability or recyclable dog toys emphasize sustainable consumers. Responsible dog owners to buy not only increasingly green toys for your dog, but also dog bowls from recycled wood, dog beds, which can be filled with old clothes and old cushion or dog grooming with natural ingredients and without any chemical additives. Green dog supplies and design do not exclude themselves. So are green dog toys very design-oriented, but dog collars and harnesses made of recycled materials, and modern in the colour scheme. How to contact with puppy & Prince Sabine Reng Giesbethweg 27 91056 Erlangen Tel.

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