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LED Lights Are The Light Of The Future

Good light clean and sake LED lamps not for nothing are the environment the light shimmer of light industry of the future, finally they will replace the normal light bulbs and halogen lamps also in the future. Even street lights are now increasingly equipped with the LED lights. Although these have a not so high […]

Ulrich Karlowski

At the current pace of the last is on Borneo and Sumatra in 2012″tree in the lowland rain forest like it. RSPO-certified under industry dictates – AB nodded by the WWF of the world’s growing criticism of the little carbon balance of the Plamolproduktion should be met with the RSPO-certified. Ironically Jan Kees Vis, Manager […]

Artur Deger

Up to 60 square meters that achieves a module surface system between 6,000 and 10,000 WP performance is up to 45 percent more energy efficiency than with rigid systems can be achieved. The model is one of the first systems of the Swabian manufacturer, which are available on the US market. Its size and efficiency […]

German Environmental

Thomas Erren were evaluated 30 studies from around the world on the topic of shift work and cancer. You have come to the conclusion: female flight personnel a 70 percent higher risk of breast cancer. Their male counterparts get 40 percent more prostate cancer.” Also in shift workers and nursing staff in hospitals and homes, […]


Customers control the development that the sun shines during the day and the wind is not constant blowing through provider decision, has been always known in electrical circuits. Gas power plants, running for expensive money in the standby mode, to compensate for fluctuations in the power supply, make a costly detour to provide energy. The […]