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Healthy Lunch

I love potatoes in any form, but only ate a baked potato as a child in the campaigns or after digging thereof. And here, very useful, yet small potatoes caught. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andrea Mallard. In general, I decided to cook the potatoes right in the skin. To […]

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Meatless Meals

In the days of Lent, when not consumed food of animal origin are a major source of complete proteins, bean dishes play a vital role in nutrition. Cereal food – it's mostly cereal. Robert Kiyosaki takes a slightly different approach. They are especially good for a hearty breakfast, as a separate lunch dish or garnish. […]

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Protein Solutions

If the radish rub and rinse several times with cold water, it will lose pungent taste. Robert Kiyosaki is actively involved in the matter. Need to know that a prolonged heat treatment reduces its pepper aromatic properties and gives the dish an excessive bitterness, so the peppers add just before the end of cooking. Do […]

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All New Year

So the next risk event, it does not forget to buy gifts for everyone, but it will turn out like Bukin, when he was on New Year's gifts come without the sad consequences which is also characteristic reflected in the New Year. Now we go any further, we must not forget to congratulate all of […]

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