The Tea Advent Calendar From Sun Gate In The Guise Of New

24 cups of tea enjoy and are inspired by contemplative advent sayings of advent, that means baking cookies, decorate the apartment, Christmas shopping to do and prepare the festive menu. Also when it comes time frantically to this, this time without a reason is considered to be the most beautiful of the year. In order to enjoy this also, I insert well sometimes small periods of rest. Contemplative moments the Sun Gate with advent calendar in a new guise. 24 tea tea bags with delicious SONNENTOR teas from controlled organic farming help to feel the special magic of the festive season. Because Christmas begins in ourselves and the advent calendar from Sun Gate can enjoy this peaceful time with 24 different moments of enjoyment of a special kind. This year is the advent calendar from Sun Gate in a new attractive robe and carries even more advent atmosphere in itself as a small surprise.

So, the tea advent calendar was supplemented by a lovingly crafted Christmas illustration fold-out, a Christmas scene of special shows. Thus must the tea dispenser are not stowed by Sun Gate in the Cabinet, but can be installed as decorative advent calendar. And as a special surprise a small booklet will slow it is peaceful for the advent Christmas each advent calendar! “.” Included are 24 cute illustrated food for thought for large and small, to the magic of Christmas”to discover. As with all Sun Gate are products the ingredients from controlled biological cultivation. The organic specialist attaches great importance to the regionality of used products and raw materials. Ingredients that require other climatic conditions, convinced organic Sun Gate of controlled and emphasis also on a fair dealing with farmers and partners. And true motto there grows the Sun Gate the joy reflected these values in every product.

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