Tour Operating Packages

Increasingly in recent years by tourists there is a desire to leave the framework of the standard tourist package offered by tour operators. Why does such a desire? Because tour operators offer programs that are on for several years and have enjoyed success in the consumer demand. The fact is that once having been in the tour round, for example, in Italy, a man who wants to return to this country again, but for their own developed program. In one town, he did not have time for a museum in another – in shops, in the third, he, by contrast, does not intend to return. Thus, the program will stay in the country has developed, it remains to make it happen. For This requires: air ticket, hotel reservation, visa, medical insurance. Question: Does it make sense to contact the travel agency or cheaper to do everything myself? Try to understand.

Ticket. On the ticket is more or less clear. If you fly scheduled regular flight, the ticket can take a ticket office and agency, and at the office or on the company's website. But before you choose a carrier to produce marketing research and find out what airline services should be used. For example, in Italy, flying the national carrier – Aeroflot and Italy's AlItalia, if we consider that direct flights, but there are flights via other European cities, if you want to buy cheap tickets, you can use their airline. This information to look for the most difficult and time consuming. Simply use the services of travel agencies on the selection of aviakassira optimal combination of price and convenience, since aviakassirov in one screen shows all airlines to cost, schedule and availability. You can then compare the cost of a ticket with that airline and gives herself make a choice. If you want to start a trip to the city, which only fly charter flights, that without the services of travel agencies just can not do as well as tickets for charter flights only sell travel agencies, airlines and on hand to purchase will not work.

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