Video Marketing

One of the great advantages to use the video marketing in Internet is that it becomes a viral vehicle, and in addition represents a greater opportunity to approach us our objective public, since the video humanizes the experience in Internet. The Video aside from generating confidence and credibility, due to that commented humanisation, increases to the dwell time in a Web site, the message can be communicated much more fast and if it is used in a registration page (highly recommended), it increases the conversion of visitors to prospectuses. Now if besides placing videos in our Web site we used, it to make marketing with videos in Web 2,0, the results are amazing. Mainly, it is possible to be indicated that two types or formats of video exist that the companies can use to be successful in YouTube, main vestibule to load Videos and to visualize them. One of them makes reference to the term viral video that talks about to the videos that get to have very many traffic, thanks to the fact that people begins to disclose them and to share them with other people, mainly between its friendly. Normally the viral videos must be short, different and to create controversy to foment the debate.

An industralist exists who has gotten to have more than 1,4 million visits in his viral video in YouTube. The other form is to make videos to create its own mark and power to contact one better with its sector of market. So that these videos are the successful that we looked for we must focus them to our objective public and solve some problem or it doubts that public. In order to make these videos, a knowledge based on three ideas is used keys. The three fundamental keys for this type of videos are the following: To select the market sector? To provide valuable information for that sector? To have Call to action ; this is to take action, or to start up at the end of the video.

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