Writing a good article will be publishable in the main periodical journals, and that, above all, be worthy of reading by the majority of stakeholders, requires the application of certain rules which, generally speaking, are not written, or are not completely clear. THE title of the article title must be clear, concise, and clearly explaining. There is no place for sensationalism or sensationalism. It must contain adequate information and be sufficiently striking that catches the interest of the reader interested. Formulas pleasantries as a proposito de un caso, report of a case, etc. are common places that remove solidity to the title. Similarly, search titles star or press subtracts seriousness to the publication. The title must include, or glimpse the methodological characteristics of the item, without describing the methodology in detail.

That’s what the respective section. THE summary or ABSTRACT the abstract should consist of several sections that allow review briefly the objective, methods, main results and conclusions, in such a way that the reader can have a general idea of the substance of the publication. An initial section known as the introduction is required or rationale background (in English: Background). You can even ignore this and go directly to show the goals of work, study or trial. Material and methods in the summary or abstract, must indicate clearly and accurately established procedure to test the hypothesis or the goal. This section shall mention the population to study, the type of study, following the condition of prospective or retrospective, if he is blind, double-blind or open, controlled or not, follow-up of cases, longitudinal or transversal, etc.

in order and duration time. Results should not be a description and oppressive enumeration of the results obtained up to the smallest detail, including statistical analysis. This is not necessary and makes the abstract read gainfully boring, at least. Finally, the conclusions section should include the main conclusion as demonstration or discard hypotheses, attainment and scope or not objectives, without entering into discussion or speculative, which is intended the respective discussion in the body of the study section. In general, the clarity and the adequacy of the content to the topic that is exposed is important. Therefore, it is also important to avoid redundancy, repetition and excessive erudition, avoiding going through the branches and bore the reader. the concretion is basic, without stealing quality or information, understood for what it is, a correct processing of the data, the latter separating the wheat from the chaff.

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