Elantra Cars

Since the end of June this year the plant TagAZ announced rebranding of its dealer network. Management wants to withdraw completely from the Hyundai brand and subsequently promote its own brand on the market TagAZ. To date, the plant go 8 machine models. These are old versions of the models Hyundai Accent, Sonata, Santa fe, Elantra xd prodution by Hyundai Motor Company. In addition, the company manufactures commercial vehicles Hyundai Porter, as well as models Tager (tagaz) and – Musso modified versions Car Ssang Yong Korando and Road Partner Korean Corporation Ssang Yong. The organization successfully negotiated with the Chinese company Chery Automobile and now will let the old brands of cars under the Chery Fora brand new Vortex Estina. The plant has already created the first batch of these models. The plant plans to produce and other cars under license from Chery Automobile, but this information has not been disclosed.

Hyundai Motor Company cis has banned modified versions of cars Ssang Yong all dealerships TagAZ centers, and according to experts the same company also banned the opportunity to recharge line production cars models produced under license, bought from the company Chery Automobile. Autocentre – dealers TagAZ, is to lay out a considerable sum on recertifying firm interiors. So, according to a company representative dolavto – the official dealer TagAZ in Dolgoprudny, the company has already amount for renewal of his saloon. On the waiting list yet production workshops service center performing warranty repairs cars Hyundai. But to say that these actions will help to raise profits dealerships still early.

Argued that the car will not use TagAZ in great demand after will be put on the market. Especially will this affect the cars Accent. Maybe so that the corporation Hyundai can really do refuse to work with TagAZ. Planned to build a production and Northern capital, but the duty cycle machines TagAZ steadily decreasing. Firm Hyundai to take care of the construction of a particular image, as management believes TagAZ does not meet the image of the desired image.

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