Virtual Marketing

Marketing actions in the Internet already are reality, and the trend is to increase each time more. In the seventh, and last one, at least for the time being, article of the series Personal Marketing the subject is ' ' Great Rede' '. You already heard to speak of Marshall McLuhan? This Canadian thinker divulged the theory of ' ' Global&#039 village; ' , the people would be linked world-wide through the technology. It developed the theory imagining this global communication through the television that entered in the age of the satellite. However it is the Internet there, example that illustrates the concept of Luhan total.

Costumamos to say in our Course of Attendance and Sales that the companies must be worried nowadays about competitors of the entire world, therefore the customer can buy almost everything through ' ' Net' ' to receive in house. we as professional, or candidates to the proportionate chances for the market, we cannot be of it are of this niche. In ours as day-by-day consulting we have that to search tools, and to leave clearly, consequncias it stops employees who have access sites of relationship in working hours. I remember you, that I identified the problem in 90% of the institutions for where I passed. Therefore, paradoxicalally, since I am communicator, it had true antipatia for such sites. However as I am not intransigent, taste to hear, and mainly to observe, I discovered that these used sites if professionally are tools valiosssimas.

Certainly you will find communities of its area of interest, where she will be able to make excellent ' ' Network' '. Nowadays I have profile in several of them, can look for it will find that me there. If not yet its Virtual Marketing started, starts leaving its resume in the specialized sites. Several of them in the net exist where its respect without paying nothing will be able to postar professional information. Some companies already receive resumes also saw email, some have up to one link in the site where they receive material from candidates. The name of link costuma to be ' ' &#039 works With us; ' or something seemed. To create one ' ' Blog' ' you only need to choose a subject, to keep always brought up to date it and to comment with its friends so that they visit. In the proper nets of relationship you make the invitations whenever she has new features. If not to know to create one, in the proper Internet will find information. With some investment and content it will be able to have a Web site. if to like to write, in sites of articles will be able to have a chance to show its talent as collaborating contributor. Ahead of this, dispa of preconceptions, if it has still them, and it starts to locate itself in ' ' rede' '. This set of strategies added to the others of other articles of the series will be, without a doubt, agregadores of value to its resume. As good ' ' marqueteiro' ' you have that to be part of this media. The other articles of the series Personal Marketing you can exactly read here in this ' ' Village virtual' '.

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