Automated Coronal

acf has several modes of operation. The position of the P-parking. Selected during a stop at more or less prolonged period of time. Office of the akp is off, output shaft box is locked, movement of the vehicle is impossible. Inclusion P mode on the fly can cause damage to kp! Reverse gear R is included only with full auto stop. Otherwise, the output of the cp system is virtually assured. Neutral position N disables the locking mechanism output shaft.

Nevertheless, experts do not recommend including N during movement. Mode motion D. His appointment, selection of an appropriate number from the first through fifth gears. The lion's share of fault automatic transmission associated with abnormal levels of oil. Control the level of preferably not less than once per month (some experts advise to check the dipstick weekly). Check should only be warmed to operating temperature butter. Heating the akp is under way: you have to overcome about 15 miles (at least) that oil is put in a box reached 80-85 degrees.

Probe has a label of hot and cold oil condition, the final level is only checked at heated ACTs. The difference between hot and cold levels can reach 30 mm. If too low, as and when too high cp may be broken. As for the "eternal" oil flooded into "automatic" once and for all – then it is a myth! Any oil, even synthetic, ages and loses its original properties. The main factor influencing the lifetime transmission fluid – a high temperature. Specialists are often advised to change the oil every 50-60 thousand km And sometimes more often. The first and fundamental rights, common to all cars with automatic transmission, reads as follows: engine starts only in position P or N. Some drivers argue that it is necessary to include in neutral N during traffic-light stops, the other the opposite. Experts believe transfer lever to the N totally unnecessary, in fact – is harmful. For extra manipulation of the box does not increase its share. Now on towing a car with automatic transmission. Ideally, of course, it is desirable to avoid using the services of a tow truck. However, if the situation is hopeless, the experts recommend to follow the formula, 50-50. Hauling distance of 50 km at a speed not more than 50 km / h. Before you start hauling add oil above upper mark. And do not forget to bring the level back to normal! On this Site

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