Beaver River

3. Beavers cut firewood. Start out standing on legs shoulder width apart, arms at the castle. 1 – hands up over your head, 2 – bending forward. 5-6. – Shouted the Beaver River from Bear: I Kohl wood for the stove, give me, Misha, only time – from the chimney will smoke. 4.

And the hedgehog – mushrooms. Start out Standing feet shoulder width feet arms down. 1 – to sit down, hands on floor, 2 – to rise, an initial position 5-6. – Hedgehog crawled out of the foliage: About me you forgot? Here in the bush my hut, hut In – mushroom kit. 5. Underpass. Start out Lying on his stomach, hands prop up his head. 1-2-3-4 – feet chat back and forth.

– Well, I answered a mole under the earth gave the course. There with the kids in the winter, we drink tea Let's family. 6. Liner for Zainka. Start out standing, hands on his belt. Jumping on the spot in the alternation of walking on the spot. – And we have boots, posted Zainka. What are we to let blizzard blizzard? Would you like Misha, an example! Bear walked the woods and climbed into the den to sleep. Leg into the jaws of zasunet And he sees a sweet dream. Walking in the column to 1, a 2-level evolution. MIA: 1. Walking on the bench, stepping over Cube, hands on his belt. – There is a fox on the bridge, wags his tail red. A tour is very nice, and the object is not dropped. 2. Crawling on all fours on the bench. – Bear-toed through the forest walks, For he deftly climbs brevnyshku. (Crawl) To the back does not hurt, here will attract bears. (Upright, raising his hands). 3. Jumping out of the hoop to hoop. – For the carrot in the garden Bunny leaps forward. The mobile game "The hares and the Wolf." III. Playing exercise "Hedgehog." – Hedgehog curled up and again turned. Playing exercise, "Badger" (relaxation). – Here's a badger, a fair amount of lazy sleeps in a burrow cool. Sluggard sees a dream that he engaged in business. At dawn and at sunset not all get down to him from the bed. Construction of the column to 1. Summing up lessons.

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