Benjamin Franklin

The only means of exit winning in a discussion, is to simply avoid it. If we discuss and argue and disagree, might we achieve some small victories, but they will be a few triumphs empty, because we will not get to gain us the goodwill of the opponent Benjamin Franklin leave us earning our clients, partner, spouse or friend person or another guest at a party, or to a meeting, in small discussions that may arise in which does not go against our region or our homelandleave that them earn is worth discussion and stick us with your good will. Let’s talk about what unites us and not of what divides us Juan XXIII 2 – show respect for the opinions of others, never tell the neighbor that is wrong. No to contradict people or try to correct them, or show them that what they say isn’t true. This creates antipathy towards us.

Nobody in the world is going to upset because we claim the opposite of what has been said, if we add: can be that I wrong I’m wrong quite often this stop the discussion, and give others the desire to be as fair and as unbiased as we. Do you admit that you can also make mistakes just like any other. It is important to take this into account, never tell others I am wrong, but rather orient its mistake, but how so? Well it is very easy, try to use the technique of the I paraphrase, which consists in repeating with exact words what the person is saying, this to take you; to help the person to think clearly about what is telling, since this technique favours forest management and systematization of thought. I hope that you have this technique very clear and really that is not correct him and disrespect to the person, but rather is able to do that the person be account of his mistake and not let this living in an error.

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