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Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, if you have a blog of your business or attimino I recommend indexing it or add it to Technorati to improve its position in search engines. Technorati is a very useful tool to promote and promote your blog. Add your blog to Technorati can be a little difficult but lack of knowledge can make you despair when performing this task. That is why today we bring you the steps to add your blog to Technorati: If you don’t have account on Technorati, register, otherwise, log in. Once you’ve logged in, go to your profile. At the end you will see a section My claimed blogs.

You’ll see a text box with a Start tag to claim blog. Type the address of your blog and click the Claim button. Now you have to fill out all the information that you are asked about your blog. You must then wait for it to give you a token, which is a code that you must insert in a new post to make them check that blog you really belongs. (For example:) ZEDMCU6363NX) you will receive an email from Technorati with the following instructions. We recommend, however periodically access your account and review the section My claimed blogs in that section you can see the status of your claims. Once you have given the token, you will see the notification in My claimed blogs. Click Check Claim.

If doing the page simply refreshes and not takes you nowhere, right click over the Check Claim button and choose copy the link address. You paste the link on top of the browser. See the instructions to verify your claim. They will give you a code that you must insert in a new post. You create the post in your blog and you put the code within the publication. After that, you click on the Verify Claim Token button. Vuleves to your profile and come back to check the status of your claim. At that point you should see a message saying something like: your blog was verified successfully. Now we will review will have to return to wait again until Technorati approve your blog. I hope to have helped you in your business or attimino blog.

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