Among the manufacturers of the weights of various kinds have cas Corporation. It was founded in 1983 and has since grown into an international corporation that produces scales for trade, industry, agriculture, transport and other economic industries, as well as components weighing systems for domestic producers of the weight equipment. Scales are manufactured in South Korea, usa, Russia, Pakistan, India, China, Turkey and other countries. Scales, cas has successfully sold more than a hundred countries. In Russia, the scales, for example, supplied by Promeksim. In our time scales cas meet all standards. They are convenient and easy to use. And so are a great tool in your business.

Only genuine software capabilities of weights, design features, operating on metrology, the ease and durability – are worth attention and money the buyer. The technology allows you to look at the presented models laboratory balance in terms of their functionality – in demand and relevant. In our time scales are divided into elite, professional, standard and simple – find yourself in any of these groups a certain scale model can only after examination by three parameters. This precision (metrology), convenience and durability. Certainly guarantee the maximum comfort to the user scales, with the most user-friendly interface. Such an interface is the base for the scales of the cas elite group. Algorithm for communication with the elite weights is perfect, and additional software features make these scales, as control device quality management system of the organization. A cursory list features only confirms the status of Elite models.

'Libra, who are thinking about you' – that is a realistic assessment of their capabilities. They are designed to particularly complex investigations. Scales cas – this is the appropriate current trends, high-precision scales. cas scales are simple and easy to operate. Commercial scales cas have the ability to summarize the cost of several items to choose tare of the weighing range, edit, purchase and expect change. High reliability, (average warranty repair requires a balance of 100 of this mark). Scales cas – one of the best of its kind.

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