Colombian University

I take advantage to continue with my profession, Saturdays and Sundays are you can also create and work. It is curious, I came by studies and I’ve already been 7 years, I get Spanish nationality and me probably embarking on a project that proposes to invest in Colombia, where several Iberian promoters previously have been developing projects of tourist housing, primarily in Cartagena de Indias, Bogota, Pereira and Cali, cities with high presence of immigrants in Spain. According to the analysis of the partners shareholders Colombia has an economy that even if it grows, is not sustainable as a publication of a major Colombian University expressed, however foreign exchange reached historic highs 1 = 3,100 pesos colombianos, the project that is developed with an absolute secrecy raises the construction of 300 single-family homes and 50 apartments with an estimated investment of 15 million euros, excluding the land that is considered contribution of partners as they do I know my task in-situ was, apart from coordinating the negotiations between partners colombo-espanoles and verify technical aspects of the preliminary draft, the calculating and almost predict earnings of the promotion to be developed in 3 stages, 3 years between execution of the works and sales, the first serious phase of test, but no partner is willing to risk a single penny or peso, if there are no utilities is obvious: better to wait to that global perspective change, flow economies and investment revives, but these dates anyone could predict that it is not the time to revert even if 1 they give you 3,100 pesos; the important thing is to produce a 30% or more of profits which is absolutely impossible for any country in South America, even European and more even if Colombia that although the price of oil and coal are still rising and the coffee stays stable, the minimum wage for 2009 this calculated in 497.000 pesos or about 160.32 euros. Case closed. In such a situation already vuelta in Spain, only remains to wait, it sounds absurd but we know all the statistics there in spikes high and low, even more so in the property market and construction. Now with a 17.4% rate of unemployment in Spain which exceeds the 3.644.880 unemployed data for May 1, 2009, contradictorily begins to perceive a better picture, unemployment rises even though in smaller percentage, the automotive industry manages to incorporate some workers, new homes and second hand prices are stabilized and many consider that the low has exceeded 25% in several provincesmortgages decrease due to the lower rates of interest and the euribor; the most optimistic statesmen claim that the more serious already happened, but until 2010 not will it return to a premature normality, now, while arrives that craved normality, it is the best time to train and take advantage of the time to the maximum, I continued to exploit my profession and looking for work as many Spaniards and foreigners, I think both sides and I do it always with much positivism, recent years have taught me to overcome several challenges, to change the country, work in atmospheres different, to enjoy the sweetness of success, to fall into bankruptcy, to get up and start over, so I do the old case said popular that you pray: There is no evil that Paco Lopez Arevalo last one hundred years.

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