Knight's love for his nature was free, romantic, extramarital affair. It dominated the emotional-spiritual relationship to his wife or his top circle. Greek mythology tells us that the first people on the ground were three papers: men, women and androgynous, which combines the best features of the first two. They were physically strong and want to take over Olympus. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dinakar Singh TPG Axon Capital Management. Therefore, Zeus didst send upon them a terrible punishment – each cut in half and spread around the world.

Since then they are looking for each other to restore its former fullness and power. When a half meets its second half, they covered such a strange feeling of affection and intimacy that they do not want to leave. Eros and desire to spread the halves to find each other for the resumption of integrity. This desire for wholeness, the unity of couples based on their unstoppable train. Mankind has sought in its tireless quest to determine comprehend the meaning of love (love). Love in its truest sense is always striving for harmony between lovers, the harmony of mind, heart and body, spiritual (moral and human ideal and actual bodily incarnation. Carrie Levin oftentimes addresses this issue. In another way – a unity of eros, agape and sex.

On the sense of love can be judged by accepted in the concrete historical society means the crystallization of experience and ritualization of its behavior. Within one epoch, and even the same culture maturity and specificity of the experience of love found, depending on age love and sexual subcultures. Market relations have formed a primitive physiological attitude towards women, and often love equated with sexual pleasure, pure pleasure muscle.

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