Gestalt Therapy

Keep in mind that in the majority of cases the importance and effectiveness of a message depends not so much the content but the way in which this is expressed. We are definitely, that reminded: the NLP is the study of human excellence. NLP is the ability to be the best, most frequently. NLP is a practical and powerful approach to achieve personal changes. NLP is a powerful tool of communication, influence YPERSUASION.

NLP is essentially modeling. The specialists who developed NLP studied those who did things in an excellent manner, found what was its formula and us provided with means for us to do the same. NLP is a model, not a theory. er here. NLP allows me to myself to always be in an excellent condition positive resource. NLP is an attitude: the attitude of I will achieve it with a huge and ferocious desire, indetenibles.

NLP is much, but far beyond a simple set of tools. NLP originates from subjects like Linguistics, Gestalt Therapy, General semantics, the processing of information, the systemic approach on the family and others. But more importantly, that only in the practice is possible to learn NLP. Be present as stresses it NLP between its scope: It facilitates communication, with all the people in general, with family and couple, and between the components of the group. This best communication applies to the world of sales, driving groups and to promote leadership and teaching. Discover untapped resources, allowing to achieve the desired goals and solve the internal contradictions. Increases the creativity that can be applied to carry out new projects, personal or corporate. Also facilitates the study and the concentration. environment-empresarial.

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