Life Insurance Sales

Voluntary insurance and life insurance policies are intended to retirement. We distinguish two different forms. The first is a normal life insurance, which protects you financially against the longevity and mortality risk. Especially your family secure in case of death from financially. Term life is purely for security in case of death. You pay a monthly contribution rate, depending on your needs and your specifications. A life insurance policy, you can tax, than to make extraordinary expenditures, submits. Since in Germany are now more and more unemployment, many residents no longer pay your life insurance. What can one do in such a case For one, you can cancel your policy with immediate effect, while you can expect to pay high deductibles, because the insurance companies to deduct a large amount of your capital expenses. Another possibility would be to set aside your insurance policy. Only without the monthly contributions, your money will grow little or very little. IfSitting still on a credit debt, would be a different shape can borrow against your life insurance. The amount due will be deducted from capital. This runs directly everything about you, your creditors and your insurance company. But there is another possibility, but you do not have high losses but still get your money quickly. You sell your life insurance to interested companies that have specialized in buying. It will submit you an offer you can accept or reject. Should you appeal to the offer to take care of business at the definition of the policy and entitled to the payment of your capital that is usually paid tax free to you and is thus free verfrbar for you.

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