Organizational Structure

In today's world more and more important information. Trend towards the rapid development of computing and transmitting-receiving equipment leads to the fact that the speed of data dissemination is expanding every day. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from christie’s art auction. Exit Internet accessible to a wide range of people. The World Network is not static, but expanding, modernizing, increasing the speed of data access, the number of .Sayt serves as a business card in the network Internet. In addition, it can perform many other functions that you order. Such functions could include: the possibility of ordering goods or services, communication, entertainment, information or assistance, file sharing, many others. Internet is becoming an important new link in the development of almost any organization: from small firms (for example, dealing with Smart Home systems> and other control facilities at home) – to corporations and large production (eg, security equipment). The set of orders for development (creation) sites and the promotion goes to the web-studio, which implement the requirements set by the customer. Organizational enterprise consists of departments, well-coordinated interaction of which provides a solution to the problem in time. In each division appointed head of the department, which is the link between his subordinates and other departments. Except addition, the head of the department responsible for the activities of his department. Consider separately each department of the organization: the department to work with clients – provides a link with the customer, clarifying and formalizes its claim to the project. After all the client's wishes, the department determines the timing of this job. Department of web-design – work to create test models of future sites, including customer selects the most appropriate. Creating the final graphical representation of the site. Department web-programming – the implementation of all customer requirements relating to the software part of the project. For example, for Online store – are other elements such as management tools catalog of goods, means order and purchase goods via the Internet and others. Front test – verify that all site features. In the case of finding any flaws in the graphics or software component of the project, he goes back for revision in the relevant unit, then re-tested before full correction of all errors. Front Service projects – filling the site information content, site promotion in search engines and support services for the Internet resource. Finance Division – regulation of financial issues. External Relations Department – Provides for cooperation with other organizations such as companies that provide services to advertising on the Internet. Thus, the department is the link between the customer and partner organizations. Front Analysis and Development – examines the effectiveness of advertising the site on the Internet, searches for the best keywords for website promotion of the customer. In addition, following the change in the market for Internet services, analyzes competitiveness of the organization, based on which decisions are made about upgrading, retraining, staff or other measures to promote the company. Director – receives information on the progress of works, financial position and competition in the market from all departments, selects a strategy for the organization, supervises and directs the departments. Responsible for the activities of the enterprise.

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