Lets take a look at an example. I can make a translation of small and charge a minimum fee of 20 euros. 3.4% of 20 euros is 0.68 euros, in addition to the flat rate of 0.35 euros. Add the Cross Boarder rate of 1%, which is 0.20 euros. So, my 20 euros PayPal is $ 1.20. In addition comes the rate of 0.50 Swiss francs to get the money to my bank account regularly. If the agency I sent a check instead of PayPal through my bank will charge 7.50 CHF (4.80 Euros) for cashing the check for me.

Each bank has its own check-cashing fee and receipt of bank transfers. However, for smaller amounts PayPal is definitely the cheapest way to accept payment. You have to do a little calculation and see the huge amounts you can receive before the PayPal fees exceed the fees charged by your bank charges. But is it safe? Most freelancers using this form to receive payment is satisfied with the service and have not had any problems with PayPal. I have only heard one or two translators that its accounts frozen by PayPal without just cause. Some of the negative aspects of problems with PayPal PayPal, only start when you have a problem, so to speak. Solve a problem can be very slow and frustrating, and in many cases there is no solution. Their customer support is not exactly something to brag about. It is difficult to get behind the walls of automatic response and answering! Another thing to consider is a scam.

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