Success Breeds Success

Working for yourself can be tricky. Especially when you have no one to tell you how you, or you have it go saying that you should be working on something else. And while you’re still uphill. Things add up. Your goals seem so far away you’re thinking seriously reconsider what you do.

Where was that energy, that spirit? Do not know … look everywhere trying to find it, but it seems it is something that you decided to leave. The spirit leads you to success. Perseverance leads you to success. The challenges you overcome to success. Any professional will tell you this motivator.

You can listen to motivational CDs, read self-help books and a thousand other things, but that will change things: when you see your results, they are the same. That beauty, right? However, there is something you can help. It is not professional motivation or anything like it. In fact, it has nothing to do with your mood or your commitment to success. It is more subtle and, frankly, quite common. If you want to do this, you need data on what you’ve done: how many sales, how many prospects, how many products, any statistics you have in your business. Taking the results of a couple of months ago and compare them with those of today. You’ll see a difference. That difference is what you need to see. Clear that lead to success for any terms I mentioned above, but one that creates success and is the most important of all: Success creates success I’m not saying that when you’re independent you succeed to be independent (Duh! ), but may have something to give more encouragement than a CD filled with inspiring stories. For example: A year ago, when I started in Internet “formally” (I had a time of weakness and indecision), that is, that I began to learn and throw win, won, on average 3 cents per day with Adsense. Impressive, no? But I bought a guide and I began to try, write, re-tested and continue working. A month later, was earning an average of one dollar a day. Not very impressive, but in percentage is over 30 times as much as the previous month. Today I compare these numbers with what I earn and give me encouragement, no matter how bad I go. Yet I still have everything I want and I need to reach my goals, but I see how my numbers are increasing day by day. No matter how much you want to achieve, not get obsessed by the big hits. Did you win one dollar more than a month ago? Congratulations! Probably the two will win next month. Your achievements, however small, will give you the encouragement you need. I’m not saying that the wave is not used as motivational, but also be better off with something more “physical” than just pretty words. Keep statistics of your achievements, however small. Every time you feel like moving forward, check it out. If you’re not really moving, you better make changes. If not, congratulate yourself and move on. You deserve it.

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