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The important thing is to kill the enjoyment, desire and the desire to live. By all means that the women of the misginos always are or on the brink of madness madness or lining stress, the depression, the anxiety and a great fear and panic against the reactions of its unfortunate love. The misginos have […]

Marketing Controls

Continuation of the article traditional Marketing if, but also marketing in Internet For which Management of the reputation online: 90% of the internauts only see three front page of results of a finder. The reputation in Internet, is not more than the reputation than always has worried to the companies, but extended and increased by […]

The Family Market

Each member of the family tries to have the best place than the others allow him. There will be some who enjoy being made serve permanently by others, will be that enjoy serving the other, others will be simple visitors that deal with not participating almost in anything, some will demand favors whereas others try […]