One of the causes of the current collapse of capitalism is that in a production step to be a way – the most widespread – banditry. For an example I refer. And not just a random example, but of an “enterprise” in the publishing industry, traditionally associated with the seriousness, intellect and ethics. As I was told that this “company” had a dual focus: to form his own group of writers and publishing (as urgent) a book on the international economic crisis, I began to work on the conceptualization and design of a project . Earlier I explained that it was an “editorial” specializes in issues of interest to executives and business people – so kind of materials recipes – and a special mode: does not sell directly to bookstores, but “in business”. For more information see Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Supposing you are a writer and you make that point, you understand No, as I was mistaken. Now I explain why. Less than a week after I had an abstract idea and its development. My enthusiasm went up several steps when the representative of the “editorial” (a new employee willing to help me and completely unrelated to cheating scheme, not to call it criminal, their employers) praise my proposal. But immediately collapsed when the young, with all the candor of the world, he said: “Now, before you get to work, the only thing missing is you get a company interested in financing the printing of the book. The “editorial” in question does not sell his books in business, but companies.And actually looking for are vendors, not writers! Without risking a dime! Although the man had been more business contacts in Mexico, I guess it would not have accepted this deception. As my ignorance of decision makers includes publishers of truth, I transcribe my project – curiously Putin a few days ago I use the same metaphor – if anyone can give better fate than the hard disk of my laptop. PERFECT CRISIS And how to cope By John Gaudenzi The disasters of any kind – a plane crash, for example – are usually the result of the improbable conjunction of several causes. The famous “perfect storm”, recorded during the last days of October 1991 in the North-West Atlantic, off the U.S. coast, is one of the best examples. She was the result of the unprecedented sum (and feedback) of three independent atmospheric phenomena: an extratropical cyclone with the help of top winds intensified to become the dominant weather factor in the region, a hurricane (Grace) that is moving toward the northwest and he suddenly made a sharp turn eastwards attracted by the South portion of the cyclone: and a strong high pressure center extended from the Gulf of Mexico to Greenland along the Appalachians. By themselves none of them have caused major damage. Together ended with hundreds of homes and businesses smashed levees, roads and docks, sank boats, forced the closure of roads and airports, made the river Hudson, Hackensack and Passaic is out of their beds, brought down poles electric fences, trees and signs in several states. The economic disaster, as the current international crisis, are no exception. They are also the result of several independent factors acting in the same direction, but with an extra component: the behavior of governments, institutions and individuals (entrepreneurs and senior executives) that instead of helping tend to aggravate. Having invoked the example of the “perfect storm” to refer to this crisis is not capricious.

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