Setting Goals

Sometimes we set goals, determine for themselves the new direction of development and are waiting for results but the results do not show up in a hurry. You are familiar? Can I just say that it is familiar to me. Let me tell you, as it was for me. The first time I became interested in the psychology of success in the first year at university. The reason for this was, of course, my dissatisfaction with the then life.

In most aspects of my life I have seen stagnation. Studying at university I did not liked the prospects for future career programmer is not pleased, lack of money makes my life very sensitive, and a whole life did not correspond to what I wanted. That's when I first out of curiosity, began reading books on practical psychology. I soon learned about the value of setting goals. One of the books by Brian Tracy, who had great influence on me, contained a number of different exercises. In one of them asked to compile a list of 100 goals I would like to achieve in a lifetime. See more detailed opinions by reading what Stansberry offers on the topic.. Then, for me these exercises seemed pretty strange. I thought that setting clear goals only creates unnecessary frustration and transforms the lives of interesting adventures in the boring-planned event.

Besides, I just doubt that such things help. Nevertheless, the task still seemed interesting to me. And I sat down for compiling the list. As a result, in 100 targets me, 'not enough', but the pieces of 50 I still was able to record, although it had to break down.

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